I can’t believe as I write this that, a) it is already March and b) we still have snow! The first few months of the year are always busy in Casa Rice as both Ricicles have their birthdays which require a lot of planning/celebrating/parties/cake eating and we have also welcomed three lovely new starters. It is always fun getting to know the new little ones,  finding out their likes and interests and planning activities to help develop them.  I’m looking forward to the next few months and putting my ideas and plans into action. 

The Rices also had a brilliant Half Term break and we crammed in the fun with a trip back home to Sunderland, an outing to our family favourite Lotherton Hall, a first visit to Fountains Abbey and much excitement from all of us as we jaunted off to LegoLand for the first time. Oh and not forgetting our nerve-wracking (for one, anonymous adult Rice) turn on the Leeds Observation Wheel or the Leeds Eye which many are calling it. Our official Family Rice verdict; lots of fun, a fair price and great experience for your little ones if you can handle the heights. A thumbs up from all bar one of us who was unable to unpeel their hands from the  safety bar.

I hope this year is being kind to you all and if anyone spots Spring whilst on their travels can you send it our way please, it is very, very late!

My favourite animal in Lego form, what's not to love?
Well half term has been and gone and I hope it was fun filled for you all. Highlights for the Rice family include; a surprise 5th birthday party for the Ricicles’ cousin, a trip to the Bradford Media Museum for Ricicle #1 to loose herself in the Scooby Doo extravaganza (she is possibly his biggest fan) and hosting our first Halloween party!  

I love this time of year in the space of a few weeks there are a host of occasions to celebrate – Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and the clocks going back (who doesn’t want to celebrate an extra hour in bed?)  With this, comes ample fodder for the knowledge hungry brains of our little ones as we explore all things spooky, think about colours, noise and things that go BANG, look at the change of seasons and for those old enough to understand enough we talk about the importance of Remembrance Day. As a childminder and Mummy to both preschool and school age children the knack is in finding activities which  follow our themes but are age appropriate yet challenging for their different  level of comprehension. So whilst both have made their own poppies, a trip to  the War memorial is on the cards for the five year old to her lay her poppy down  as a mark of respect and lesson in symbolism where as our two year old runs  round the house with her poppy on a stick and when out and about will carry it  in her trusty Dora backpack.

And you know what my favourite thing about this time of year is?  Once all of the above have passed my attentions to CHRISTMAS!!

So September is here. How do we know this? 1. The queues in Clarks are out of the door. 2. The sun is shining 3. The roads are getting busier. For some parents this time of year brings a slight sigh of relief as children get to back into bedtime and school routines but for many of us we are full of nerves as our babies start nursery and school. This September we join these parents as Ricicle # 1 - Rosie has started Morley Victoria Primary School this week. Like all other parents we have been reflecting, "Where has the time gone?"  "It doesn't feel like 2 minutes since she was born"  and worrying "Will she eat all her lunch?" "Hope she makes lots of new friends" I'm sure many of you will have been thinking the same. I am pleased to report that  two days in Rosie is a happy girl. We are putting together the snippets of information which she has leaked and so far, so good. phew! I hope this post finds the rest of you feeling relieved with the first few days over and to those of you still waiting for your little ones to start - good luck and from what I have seen at school I am sure this transition is harder for parents than it is the children. Oh and don't forget the tissues.
Mummy and Rosie ready for big school!
Olympic fever has well and truly hit the Rice household and we are all watching with admiration and excitement. We've alot to be proud of right now with the amazing achievements of Team GB, and what fabuous role models for our little ones! Today we went on a family outing to see one of Leeds' gold post boxes courtesy of Alistair Brownlee and we waved our flags with pride. What could we do after that? A picnic of course down at Kirkstall Abbey! Looking forward to more Olympic themed activities next week.
Team Rice proud of Team GB