So September is here. How do we know this? 1. The queues in Clarks are out of the door. 2. The sun is shining 3. The roads are getting busier. For some parents this time of year brings a slight sigh of relief as children get to back into bedtime and school routines but for many of us we are full of nerves as our babies start nursery and school. This September we join these parents as Ricicle # 1 - Rosie has started Morley Victoria Primary School this week. Like all other parents we have been reflecting, "Where has the time gone?"  "It doesn't feel like 2 minutes since she was born"  and worrying "Will she eat all her lunch?" "Hope she makes lots of new friends" I'm sure many of you will have been thinking the same. I am pleased to report that  two days in Rosie is a happy girl. We are putting together the snippets of information which she has leaked and so far, so good. phew! I hope this post finds the rest of you feeling relieved with the first few days over and to those of you still waiting for your little ones to start - good luck and from what I have seen at school I am sure this transition is harder for parents than it is the children. Oh and don't forget the tissues.
Mummy and Rosie ready for big school!

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